Plasma and acetylene sheet metal cutting

Cutting using a CNC plasma cutting centre, cutting of sheet metal with thicknesses up to 50 mm and direct bevelling
Table dimensions: 4 000 x 12 000 mm

Cutting using a CNC flame (acetylene) cutting centre, cutting of sheet metal with thicknesses up to 150 mm 
Table dimensions: 4 000 x 12 000 mm


Roll bending

Roll bending using DURMA HRB-3, 3016 – materials with widths up to 3 000 mm and thicknesses up to 20 mm
Minimum diameter is 363 mm as concerns materials 10 mm thick and 3 000 mm long.

Bending with the press brake

To bend parts, we use the press brake CTO 400 with the 400 T power to bend parts up to 5 000 mm of length.

In December 2021, we installed a new Durma machine with a force of 600 tons for bending parts up to a length of 6000 mm.

CNC milling

Milling of parts with a CNC milling machine and traditional milling machines. 


Lathing with traditional centre lathes SN 32, SN 50, and SUI 50 and double-support vertical lathe (carousel) SK 16 able to machine parts with diameters up to 1 500 mm.

Manual welding

The company offers welding work making use of the MAG and MIG technologies (135, 136). 

Weld inspection is carried out using an ultrasound defectoscope.

Automated welding by robots

To weld assemblies, we have been using a new 13-axis robotic centre with two positioning elements for almost two years. The centre is used to weld frame assemblies and tower subsets, which become a part of each frame later, on an assembly line. The centre cycle is set so that after the end of the welding program, the robot may continue and weld another product placed on the neighbouring positioning element. 

Robot welding guarantees quality and top finish of welds thanks to which we have eliminated the human factor and thus also reduced the time necessary to weld individual products. Two burners are used within welding processes – a standard burner (single) and double burner (tandem).

Horizontal CNC boring

Machining of welded parts using horizontal CNC boring machines WRF 130P, WFT 13R, WFF 13P, and TK 6511B of products with lengths up to 8 000 mm in the X axis direction and 2 500 mm v in the Y axis director, with the spindle diameters 110 and 130 mm.



Blasting of hot-rolled sheet metal KVARTO with crushed steel of the GH25 type.
The blasting box dimensions are 4 000×8 000 mm.

Cleaning and treatment of products

Products are thoroughly cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner in the vertical position which is followed by degreasing and preservation. 

NDT Ultrasonic defectoscopy of welds

In 2023, the company acquired new, state-of-the-art ultrasonic equipment for non-destructive testing of welded joints, the OLYMPUS OmniScan SX. The device combines the Phased Array method, TOFD and conventional ultrasound.

In addition, the company uses a time-tested device, the OLYMPUS EPOCH LT for conventional ultrasonic testing.

Quality and dimension accuracy control

By the beginning of 2020, we bought a new 7-axis 3D measuring device from the Hexagon company. The device uses a contact probe to measure precisely and assess product dimensions and geometry. Thanks to the selected configuration of the device, we are able to actually measure any product regardless of its size. The quality of measuring is guaranteed by trained staff operating the device.